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Crownhill Glass are experienced in providing quality double glazing and emergency services  to schools in and around North West London for over 40 years.


Double Glazing in Schools

We believe the right windows and doors can play a huge part in supporting a child’s learning experience by helping to create a safe and calm environment to learn.


    • Noise Reduction – Double Glazing is known to improve sound insulation. A noise free classroom can help minimise distractions for pupils and encourage focus. Our windows and doors can help to create this environment.
    • Energy efficiency  – Keeping the heat in, is something Double Glazing is famous for, and with schools having to maintain classroom temperatures for learning, we believe our windows can help you keep your costs down.
    • Security & Safety – Crownhill aim to provide the best in quality when it comes to our windows and doors, with a variety of options and bespoke services offered, we believe we can help create that safe and secure environment.


Leisure Centres

At Crownhill, we understand that keeping businesses open and running, is of the highest importance, That’s why we pride ourselves in the services that we offer, aiming to provide fast responses, the highest level of safety, all with minimal disruption to your business, employees and customers.

We work with a number of leisure centres/gyms across North West London and provide repair & maintenance services, as well as replacements and new installs. There is no job too big or too small for us to help you keep your business running.

Transport for London

We have been working alongside TFL for over 20 years and provide fast, responsive, emergency services across London to ensure the city is kept safe. From maintenance at bus stops to bus stations, we are proud of affiliation with TFL and the work we do to keep London moving.

Our 2020 Pledge
Giving Back

We at Crownhill are passionate about education and helping and supporting children, and so this year, in addition to our annual donation to the Circus Starr charity, we have pledged to donate £250 to each of the schools we work with.

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