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Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing is single glazed windows that are fitted within dwellings which do not change the original character of the property. They are designed to complement existing windows and provide no damage to internal surfaces
Secondary glazing is ideal for public places, listed buildings, conservation areas and domestic homes where addition insulation is required without damage or changing the appearance of the existing windows

Advantages of secondary glazing are

  • Improves sound insulation
  • Improves thermal insulation
  • Lowers heating costs
  • Improves security
  • Reduces draughts and condensation
  • Hardly noticeable when fitted

Crownhill Glass offers the following services

  • Supply and install of various types of secondary glazing
    • Horizontal sliding secondary glazing
    • Vertical sliding secondary glazing
    • Top / Side hinges secondary glazing
    • Lift out Secondary glazing


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